Peter Schuyff

Peter Schuyff
mixed media on paper

29 ins x 24 ins
73.7 cms x 61.0 cms

Estimate: $4000-5000
Price Realised: B.I.

Concrete Contemporary Art Auction
Date of Auction: 4/13/2015
Lot 27

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Peter Schuyff is a leading international artist whose work is identified with the “Neo-Geo” movement, though makes points of departure. The Neo-Geo movement is one that’s less contained to a generation or zeitgeist, but rather symbolizes an engagement with modernist form and its various offshoots (minimalism, pop art, op art, etc.). It typically issues a criticism of modernist form’s commercial applications and claim to objectivity. The movement’s amorphous, ongoing, and, in recent years, re-energized relevance is exemplified in Schuyff’s paintings, which nimbly shift between humour and comment, figuration and abstraction, foreground and background, description and obfuscation, and revelry and disavowal.

Born in the Netherlands, educated in Vancouver, and formerly based in New York and now Amsterdam, the Dutch-Canadian artist is associated with Askley Bickerton, Peter Halley, and Jeff Koons has sat for an Andy Warhol portrait and been represented by leading gallerists like Mary Boone. Schuyff has individuated himself from his colleagues by taking one of Neo-Geo’s most identifiable strategies – miming mid-twentieth-century “objective” abstraction but basing it on figurative source material – to its crescendo point, where a burlesquing of the two extremes (a history painting partially obscured by a protruding geometric shape, for instance) helps Schuyff achieve critical distance from both quarters. In Untitled, we see a similar cavorting between form and logic, with Schuyff’s indistinct heraldry literally coming apart at the seams.

Peter Schuyff is an internationally-exhibited painter and sculptor. He attended the Vancouver School of Art (what is now the Emily Carr University of Art and Design). Schuyff has been exhibited and collected internationally, including a presence in the famed art collection of Herbert and Dorothy Vogel. Schuyff's work was recently exhibited as part of the 2014 Whitney Biennial. He is represented by Mary Boone Gallery.

Birth Location:
Baarn, Netherlands

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