Stephen Appleby-Barr

Stephen Appleby-Barr
oil on linen

26 ins x 26 ins

Estimate: $12,000
Price Realised: $14,000

Art With Heart Auction
Date of Auction: 10/7/2014
Lot 23

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While studying illustration at Sheridan College, painter and illustrator Stephen Appleby-Barr would become fascinated with fraternities and secret societies and the mythologies that surround them. Forming their very own “fraternity," Stephen and four of his college roommates became the Team Macho artist collective. As a solo artist, Appleby-Barr’s recent work includes portraits that draw from Old Masters such as Velasquez and Rembrandt. By inserting people he knows and secret symbols, each painting’s story speaks to the power of personal mythologies and of the importance of capturing and preserving such legacies.

Birth Location:
Toronto, ON

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